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The Story of Amish Quilts & Crafts

Taste the richness of Amish tradition with our Amish Quilts & Crafts in your home. Whether you are looking for added decoration in your bedroom or for a fresh look in your living area, our goal is to bring you a taste of Amish culture right into your home. With this taste of culture and tradition comes a story. When you take these Amish quilts and handmade crafts into your home you are also carrying a story with you. With our products you get a taste of Amish culture, the quality of Amish tradition, and the richness of an Amish story.

Our AMISH QUILTS & CRAFTS are handmade by local Amish. Many of them come with fascinating, and at times, heart-wrenching stories. Most of our suppliers are individuals, scattered throughout Lancaster County and other neighboring counties. These individuals are often people who have a hard time making ends meet and who feel trapped and oppressed in their dark isolated worlds. Many of these are women. They have limited opportunity for expression and limited access to the outside world. Through our interaction with them and with the opportunity to express themselves in making these amish homemade quilts and crafts they see and experience hope. When you buy our products you are buying a local Amish story.

These stories give meaning to our quilts and crafts. Plus the selling of our quilts and crafts give meaning to stories and people behind them. In fact we are more interested in the meaning of peoples’ lives than we are in volume of corporations’ production. We aren’t interested in big businesses. We are focused on individuals and the meaning of their stories. When you buy from Quilts of Shady Maple you are investing in a unique heirloom and a meaningful Amish story.

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Unique Amish Quilts & Crafts

The Amish quilts are a rare find. It is easy to find quilts on the market, but quality and authentic quilt are a different story. Of course quality quilts are available. However to find an Amish quilt that is both quality and authentic is not readily available. This unique blend of quality and authenticity is what makes our Amish handmade quilts and crafts different at our Lancaster County quilt shop at Family Farm Quilts of Shady Maple. They are quality and authentic products because they are local-made, handmade, and Amish-made.

Local Made

We do not gather these quilts and crafts from far and wide. We do not import them. We simply employ local people who are looking to make a little extra money. These are locally made products made by Amish and Mennonites in the Lancaster County area and other areas closeby.


Factory production lines are not part of our business. The work is done by hardworking and traditional Amish and Mennonite people who value and enjoy working with their hands. Because of it, each Amish quilt or craft is unique. Plus it is authentic and a taste of Amish tradition.

Amish Made

These quilts and crafts are a taste of the real thing. We do not simply tack on the name Amish because it sounds better. Rather we genuinely believe these are Amish products because they reflect Amish culture and are made by an Amish person or a Mennonite from a similar setting.

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