A Story in Every Amish Quilt Stitch

Are you tired of mass production in every facet of life? Do you wish for a world where quality and the story behind an item mean more than the bottom line? Welcome home to our Amish Quilts and Crafts!

Every Quilt or Craft in our store has a handmade or handwoven story behind it. Stories created in the homes of small-scale crafters who create Amish Quilts and Handmade Crafts as a side-job or hobby. All of our quilts and crafts come from Plain Folks in and around Lancaster County, PA. Since many Amish and Mennonite women work in the home, some find a small craft to create and bring in a bit of extra cash. Now you can taste the richness of the Amish handmade tradition with Amish Quilts & Crafts and pass on a story for generations to come.

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Made in Lancaster County

Want a true Lancaster County gift? Then an Amish Quilt or handmade craft item is just for you. Most of our Quilts and Crafts are made in and around Lancaster, PA and can be shipped worldwide.

Handmade Amish Quilts

Quilt making has become an iconic representation of the Amish way of life where working with their hands is highly valued. All items in our store are handmade.